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FTP issues on 11n

Hi all,

Anyone tried using ftp on 11n?
We tried connecting 3 clients... 30mb ftp transfer seems fine.

But when we had 4 or more clients... some clients will face slowness (reduce transfer rate on ftp).
The continuous ping test (to controller and ftp server) also showed 30% drop pings (when 4th client joins).
The arp -a table of the client is unable to see the mac address of the controller and ftp server.

Anyone have exp on this before?
Any tips on the troubleshooting?

Any advice/help is much appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

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ARM Settings


I want to say that the 30% ping problem should not happen. You might want to turn on client debugging or have support look at your ARM profile to make sure that it is optimized. Also make sure that there is no interference on the channels you are trying to use by looking at the Noise Floor, or using a spectrum analyzer. If you also upgrade the the latest version of ArubaOS 3.3.2.x or ArubaOS 3.4.0.x, there are also parameters in there that allow clients to perform even better under load.

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