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History of AP Client Usage

Good afternoon,

I have three access points in our library. I am starting to have major latency issues with them. I believe that I am overloading these three and will possibly need a few more.

What I would like to do is monitor the usage of the access points individually (cacti, Mrtg, zenoss) so that I can justify the purchase of additional units.


try an make the clients spread out evenly among the three ap's.

Any and all help is appreciated.
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Re: History of AP Client Usage

There are a couple things that should help you. Depending on the version of AOS you are running, you will see either load balancing or spectrum load balancing (assuming it is a new enough version of code to have load balancing at all (I dont remember exactly when it showed up)). Load balancing will attempt to spread clients evenly across APs without regard to channel. Spectrum load balancing will attempt to balance channels, not necessarily APs. Spectrum load balancing should give you best results.

Second, you should enable band steering (again assuming your version of code has it). Band steering will attempt to steer clients toward the 5GHz radio that should be less congested due to less interference and more channels. Band steering requires dual radio APs to be effective.

If you enable those two features, it should help you if you have an issue with load and the clients are not spread out effectively.
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Aruba Employee

Re: History of AP Client Usage

If you have Airwave you should also see the stats for an individual AP, otherwise you should be able to use MRTG or something similar to graph the AP clients. That will help you know how many actual clients are logging into those APs. There is a MIB guide on the support site under documentation that you can use.

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