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How many APs are enough?

I'm looking for guidance or past experience on how many APs are enough in any given area. Typically our APs are spaced about 10-20 meters apart and not all have line of sight to more than 1 other AP. We ultimately want to use location services. Should I install more APs creating a denser deployment? My worry is this will have an impact, through channel interference, on the network. With only 3 non overlappying 2.4ghz channels there would be a substantial number of APs in close proximity to other APs on the same channel.
Any advice greatly appreciated.
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Re: How many APs are enough?

How many users do you have?

The deployment seems dense enough. We have a less dense deployment with and use locations tracking with out issue.

If you dense enough ( I would say you are more then dense enough) ARM will take care of your channel and power settings. If you are manually changing power or channel settings you might run in to overlap issues.
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Re: How many APs are enough?

I agree with Jason, that sounds like a dense enough deployment. Did you load your floor plan into RFplan? That should help you in figuring out your deployment options based on the square footage and how many people you are going to support.
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Re: How many APs are enough?

I also agree with the density. 10-20 meters is what I normally spec for high performance and real-time application coverage.
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