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IAP certificates

When trying to upload a server certificate to an IAP-105 it always complains that the file is not properly formatted, there is not much info in the docs.

I can import the CA cert file in PEM format with no problem but the server one always fails.

I have tried with PEM file with the certificate only and certificate and private key just appended.

Also as the web form ask for a password, already tried with a PFX file that contains the certificate, and the private key encrypted.

Any pointers?


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Re: IAP certificates

Are you doing PEAP or TLS?

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IAP Certificates

Instant expects the certificates to be in a certain format. I can forward you a document that has an example - may solve your issue.


IAP Certificates

You can download this PDF that explains to you how to create and install a cert on an Instant AP.
code: ce81e027c863e9da67fb79899b438c47

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IAP Certificate

The problem was in fact the private key format, IAP only accepts RSA format private key, so I just had to convert the key already generated so TLS authentication is working like a charm.

But that raises a new question for me, does the IAP loads the CRL so the IAP "knows" when you have revoked one of the certificates?


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