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Majority user connecting to only 1 AP

I have 3 AP 124's in a building and it seems that majority of the users are connecting to only one AP. The AP's have been provisioned also. The kicker is, it is the AP that is the farthest from the conference area where the users are. I have rebooted the AP to force the users onto the other AP's and it will work for a little while, then almost everyone is back to that AP. Thanks for your help in advance.
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Re: Majority user connecting to only 1 AP

The decision to roam between access points is a client decision. Is the AP that they are connecting to in the office area where their desks are? Could they be associating with that access point before walking over to the conference room? If so, they will not roam to the conference room access point unless their computers can no longer "see" their original access point. There are some enhancements that can be made to influence the client to roam in ARM in the newest versions of code. What version are you running on the controller?

Re: Majority user connecting to only 1 AP

You could try to enable the local probe request threshold within the ssid profile. Basically, the APs will not respond to the client's probe requests if their rssi is below a certain level.

Another trick is to remove all the lower data rates for that ssid, so that as the clients move away from the AP, and their data rates fall, they will naturally roam. Whats rate to remove will depend on your setup and layout of the building etc, but should be easy enough to test.

Good luck

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