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Maximum Users on AP60/61


do anybody know how many user are supported on an AP60/61.

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Re: Maximum Users on AP60/61

I believe it is around 40, but from my experience it best to keep it under 30.
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Supported and practical are two different things.

You can make the radio potentially accept a great deal of users at a time, but will they be able to do anything? Probably not. User capacity is based on type of traffic. If you're doing voice, forget over 8 per AP..... especially in the 2.4ghz range. In some universities you will see 50 people associated to some access points, but they are doing email and web, and NOT streaming video. 15 per access point is reasonable.

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Re: Maximum Users on AP60/61


now i have got the Information that the Access Points support maximum 64 User.
Its not a good idea to use this ability i know, but it was only a informational Question.

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In Our University Enviroment.

Hi There,
i'm a admin wifi for Our University, we r using about 200 ++ Aruba AP 60/61 and several AP 80. we using this since 2006.

Before installing, the Aruba Engineer suggest to us the stable version on AP 60/61 is 20. But we go to none for user limitation setting ( infinity ).

From our experience
AP 60/61 - stable at 20 User (mostly port include small packet streaming under 200 kbps streaming), and sometimes its goes to 30 user, but after that the quality for user is dropping increasingly.

AP 80 - stable at 40 user, when it exceeding 60, sometimes students came our ICT Centre to make a report.

mostly Aruba Engineer suggestion is the best, and from our experience here -> truely the information is really helpfull and proff.


Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia.
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