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Mesh Configuration

Guys, I am going to need to configure Mesh network in my office. I have one question hopefully someone can give me an answer or point me to the right direction.

How can I validate AP to AP throughput, latency, and coverage? Mesh is something new to me.
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Every mesh AP will still get an IP address. You can ping the IP address of each AP in the mesh to observe some latency. You can establish throughput by connecting to the mesh AP as a client and running a throughput test. You can see signal strength by doing a "show ap mesh topology" command and seeing the RSSI column:

(ArubaM3) #show ap mesh topology 

Mesh Cluster Name: aruba-mesh
Name Mesh Role Parent Path Cost Node Cost Link Cost Hop Count RSSI Rate Tx/Rx Last Update Uplink Age #Children
---- --------- ------ --------- --------- --------- --------- ---- ---------- ----------- ---------- ---------
Bridge-CAP Portal (N) - 3 1 0 0 0 - 5m:54s 1d:3h:39m:10s 1
MeshPoint Point Bridge-CAP 4 0 0 1 24 36/54 7m:5s 1d:3h:20m:17s 0

Total APs :2
(R): Recovery AP. (N): 11N Enabled. For Portals 'Uplink Age' equals uptime.

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Re: Mesh Configuration

cjoseph, would it be accurate to consider on predeployment design that latency multiplies by the number of hops and throughput is divided by 2 powered to the number of hops towards the mesh portal?

Also, I've been trying to find out on version 3.4.2 if I needed extra mesh licenses. I have purchased no mesh licences for my 3.3.3 I got a while ago, then upgraded to 3.4.2 and magically mesh licenses appeared. But the 3.4 user guide states clearly that outdoor mesh requires licensing for the portals. What am I missunderstanding?

Thanks in advance.

Found the answers:
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Re: Mesh Configuration

Outdoor mesh license are now included in the AP license in Aruba OS 5.0
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