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Mesh point down after enable CPsec


I had to enable CPsec to be able to use forward mode "bridge" instead of "tunnel".

But when i did this, one of my Mesh points went down, but not the Mesh portal. Both the Mesh point and Mesh portal are AP70.

The mesh link was working before i enabled CPsec, but it wont go up again even if I disable CPsec again and turn back to tunnel mode.

I will try to purge the Mesh point and see if that makes any difference.

Any ideas if this wont work??

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Re: Mesh point down after enable CPsec

You could do a "show ap database" to see if that access point is connecting but getting its certificate. If it is taking like an hour for that access point to come up, purge the access point and try again. Turning on CPSEC forces all access points to reboot, get a certificate, then reboot again. Not sure if the use case turning on CPSEC with a mesh point that has already been provisioned is a use case that has been tested extensively.

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Re: Mesh point down after enable CPsec

I did a "show ap mesh topology" and could only see the portal. And a several of other commands to see if the point was even recognized, but it was not.

But I will try to purge it, and see. Will test it now.


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Re: Mesh point down after enable CPsec

I purged the ap and it went up again. :)

So basically, if you have any mesh points up and turn on CPsec you maybe have to purge the mech point to make it work again..

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