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Multiple IAP Cluster on same LAN


Does anybody know if it is possible to run multiple Instant AP Clusters on the same LAN segment with separate SSID's?

I had a requirement during a conference to isolate an SSID to only one room and 1 AP and i attempted to do this by disabling Auto-Join on the IAP controller and then resetting another IAP to see if it would come up.

Each time i reset the separate IAP, it got to the master discovery stage and it hung.

I guess what i was trying to achieve was similar to AP groups on a controller however this didn't seem to work for me and i ended up having to deploy a standalong 620 controller in the room.

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Re: Multiple IAP Cluster on same LAN

That is not supported, so I would not expect that to work.

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Re: Multiple IAP Cluster on same LAN

i suspected that might be the case!

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