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Network bandwidth of an AP-105

Does anyone know the max network bandwidth (wired side) of an AP-105? It has a Gig port but how much of it can it use?
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Client Connected

It all depends on the client connected to the AP105. I can tell you that "N" clients get their full bandwidth. If place on a 100meg port, "N" clients typically get 80 megs of throughput.

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Controller uplinks

Yeah, I wanted to see if anyone knew the max. 80 meg is probably a typical throughput from a typical laptop card on a single radio. I would think a higher end card (2x2) should do better. Also the 80 doesn't include the wireless and GRE overhead.

Aruba states the 105 performs at 600Mbps. This number obviously represents both radios and includes the wireless packet overhead. Unfortunately it also represents theoretical so I'm not sure how far under the 600 this puppy will max out at on the Ethernet (wired) side.

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