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Outdoor - What AP and Antenna

Hi all,

I'm planning to deploy outdoor wireless in various areas of our college campus. I'll be able to mount the antenna on the outside walls of buildings with the APs inside the buildings.

The coverage areas vary. (between building areas (mostly concrete), pool, stadiums, and grass)

I'm trying to determine if MIMO or legacy will work better in these environments. For MIMO I'd probably use the AP-124 and AP-ANT-17. For legacy probably the AP-70. For legacy should 2 antennas be used? Say two of the AP-ANT-15?

Any input welcome.

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Ap124 + ap-ant-17

I would recommend the AP124 with AP-ANT-17. The solution is backward compatible to legacy devices and has the benefit of being 802.11n and dual band capable (2.4GHz and 5 GHz) with a single antenna on the face of the building. For dual band functionality with the AP70 you would need at least 2 AP-ANT-15 (one for 2.4 GHz and one for 5 GHz) and I would actually recommend 4 antennas for diversity as generally being better. This is a lot more hardware to mount on the face of the building than the single AP124 with AP-ANT-17.

The radio performance and coverage will be similar for legacy mode devices with both solutions.
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Re: Outdoor - What AP and Antenna

Thanks Clark!
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