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RAP-2WG not showing on master


I have three brand new RAP-2WG that I am trying to provision as remote APs (of course). All three exhibit the same symptom.

When I plug them direcly into our network and power on with the a/c adapter they power up, and I see a link light on the ap and the switch. Yet they never show up on the master.

I tried the same network cable with an AP65 that is already provisioned and it comes up. I have reset them with the reset button on the bottom of the units with no change.

We are running 5.0.3
Other RAP-2WG that were previously provisoned are working fine.

I feel like I am missing something simple here. Sorry I have not done this in awhile.
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Re: RAP-2WG not showing on master

Does the Zero touch provisioning page come up, at all when you plug a laptop in the second ethernet port?

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Re: RAP-2WG not showing on master

Dan - do you have DHCP on the VLAN where the RAP-2 is plugged in? Maybe the AP-65 has a static IP and the RAP-2 is not getting an address?

Also, how long have you waited? The RAP-2 will probably have to go through an upgrade process before it would show "up" on the controller. How are you checking the status? From the CLI, do a "show ap database" and look for the RAP-2's MAC address. See if it has ever contacted the controller.

As Colin said, however, you don't need to connect the RAP-2 to the controller to provision it. It is provisioned by connecting it to an ISP, then connecting your laptop to the 2nd port. When you open a browser, you will get a Zero Touch Provisioning page that will allow you to specify the IP address or name of the controller it is suppoed to attach to.
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Re: RAP-2WG not showing on master

We use DHCP on all the Aps so I know it is not that.. I will check to see that the scope is not full though..

I left one plugged in over night to see what would happen and I am having the same result.
I did check the CLI onthe master for the MAc addresses and they are not listed.

I am trying the provisoning method you mentioned below right now. But the other way is our "standard" method. I'll let you know how it goes.

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Re: RAP-2WG not showing on master

I got the AP to show up on the controller by setting the port on the switch to the same vlan as the controller instead of a client vlan.
I can provision it finally.

I tried the zero touch method, but I believe the way my company does secrurity makes this difficult as we use seperate username/passwords for each RAP.
I need to talk with our wireless expert next week when he is is to see if there is a way to do this.

What I do not understandis what changed? Prior to these APs I was able to provison RAP-2WG by just plugging them into our network on any client vlan.
We did recently go to ver 5.0.3, perhaps that is the cause.

Thanks for helping guys.
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