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RAP (AP93) IP address differs from assigned

Hey guys,

I have about 150 AP 93s configured as remote APs... They are currently scanning only with no wireless networks provisioned.

When I look at the AP through the controller, I see addresses like "". I assume that these are internal to the controller because the controller can ping them but that network does not exist on our WAN anywhere. Is this a typical scenario for similar deployments?

How can I change the display to reflect the real IP? running reports and doing maintenance tasks is a pain having o use the 4.1.1 addresses.



RAP (AP93) IP address differs from assigned

Check out

show run | inc "ip local pool"

That is where the pool of RAP addresses is located
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Re: RAP (AP93) IP address differs from assigned

hmm... just the pool.... :) do I change the GUI to reflect the real IP and not the pool address... since I will never see the pool address anywhere on the network, it would only make sense that the AP name and IP reflect the legit name / ip. Otherwise reporting will reflect the pool IP which I will have no clue about unless I manualy match the pool IP to the real IP.

seems a little "off"

Surely I am not the first person to run into this....
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