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RAP5 SNMP OIDs for performance monitoring

I am working on a project were the customer wants to monitor, via SNMP, a series of RAP5.

The RemotePortEntry OID gives me TxBytes and RxBytes for the Ethernet ports, but I were not able to find the same information for the USB (when USB being used as backup with 3G modem). Is there any equivalent OID for USB (or a specific index for RemotePortEntry that I were not able to find out) that could give me that information?
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Re: RAP5 SNMP OIDs for performance monitoring

There is none today, but it is being tracked as RFE (request for enhancement) 1558.

If you need it, please let your local Aruba sales team know.

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Re: RAP5 SNMP OIDs for performance monitoring

Hi mlrodig,

im am currently trying to use OID´s to monitor a RAP which is associated to my Controller.
How am I able to get the SNMP information like the Tx- RxBytes of the interface of the RAP.
I currently dont understand how my request should be formated to collect these kind of information for some particular RAP´s.
Could any of you please respond and help me in that case?
I am currently unable to find the necessary OID to collect these information and how do I have to perform my request?
Do I have to give the AP´s name or what do I have to ask my controller?
I am currently using ArubaOS 6.3.x.

Thanks for your support.

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