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Signal shape for 105's

I'm curious what the signal is coming out of the 105s. On most of the models you have a doughnut shape signal coming out of the antennas, so you need to make sure the antenna is vertical, however since these have internal antennas, what is the shape? I know they have mounting brackets on the underside, suggesting the AP should be flat, but they also can be mounted on a wall.
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Re: Signal shape for 105's

They are downtilt omnis. You can wall-mount them, but be aware that there isn't as much backlobe. The antenna patterns are on the AP datasheet from the public website.

Also, as a side-note, because they are downtilt omnis, they make for great high ceiling warehouse installs. No external antennas needed for downtilt!
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Re: Signal shape for 105's

Thanks Brian, I hadn't seen this datasheet yet. The last time I looked at it is when I bought a few of them for a new building 6 months ago.
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