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Some RAP 2wg units not working

I have a about 20 RAP units I provisioned locally and then handed them out, some have worked but others have not for users, the users not working are located in other states not in the office, what can I do to troubleshoot or reset them for re-provisioning? Can it be done remotely? I could send them out working units again and have them send back the old ones but would rather try a few things with the ones they have.

Some RAP 2wg units not working

I would look on the controller via SSH and search

a) the datapath session table "show datapath session table | include
x.x.x.x " where x.x.x.x is the public IP address at the remote site.
They can likely find this, even if they are not a technical user by
issuing '' from a browser. If there are entries on port
4500 then the RAPs are reaching the controller, just not connecting.

If they are in the table, then I would verify the Whitelist for them and
ensure they are authorized.

If they are not in the table, then I would turn focus to the RAP itself
and log in to it's webpage (maybe you can web conference with someone at
a remote site to do that) and view the status/logs with a PC connected
to the E1 port of the RAP-2.

OR also..

b) the security logs with 'logging level debug security process l2tp'
turned up use 'show log security 100' to view the last 100 lines of
the security log. If the RAP-2s are trying they will be viewable there,
and error messages noted. If not, they can't reach the controller.
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The ones not working are in the RAP whitelist if I look at the controller console but show as down



And the output of 'show datapath session table' ? or 'show log security
' ?
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