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Transmit power on AP-61's

Hi all,

Does anybody know what actual txpower the aruba-provided txpowers correspond to on the AP-61? Some of my 61's are reporting txpowers of 30dBm, which seems suspect. I've seen the inside of a 61 and I'd be surprised if it could truly pump out a watt.

Re: Transmit power on AP-61's

Take a look at page 2 of where you'll find the complete table. Short answer: 20dBm is the maximum power that the 60/61 are capable of putting out. That is of course limited by local regulatory requirements.

The power display in ArubaOS can be confusing - the 30dBM you are seeing is AOS telling you what it would like to set the power to. The command you're looking at is probably "show ap bss-table" or something of the sort. In versions prior to 3.4, that command didn't actually show you real power output, because the logic that limits output power to local regulatory settings is actually in the AP driver code, not in the controller. To see the actual power, you need to use "show ap debug" and I believe "radio-stats" or "system-status" - can't remember offhand.

In 3.4 everything changed, and now "show ap bss-table" actually shows you real power output, and shows it in terms of EIRP rather than radio output power.

One of our SEs will jump in and correct me if I'm wrong here - after all I'm just the marketing guy. :)
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Set the AP Transmit power

Hi all,

Can we change the transmit power accordingly on the WebUI?

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Re: Transmit power on AP-61's

yes, it's located under Configuration --> AP Configuration --> AP Group --> RF management --> 802.11a,g profile --> ARM Profile --> Max Tx EIRP or Min TX EIRP.

I turn my test APs down to 12 max so I only get signal a few feet away from my desk for testing new SSIDs and profiles.
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