Aruba Employee

US frequencies in India

I may be deploying some APs (RAPs actually) in India that terminate to a controller in the US. Since FCC regulations don't allow me to configure an to AP utilize any country code besides US, are there any concerns about using US frequencies in other countries (besides Israel)?

ROW controller is required


This configuration is not permitted. There are significant differences between US and India regulatory limits including but not limited to:

- Different allowable channel range in 2.4GHz (India allows 1-13 vs. 1-11 in US)
- Significantly lower EIRP limits in UNII-2 band in India
- UNII-2 band in india is only allowed indoors
- DFS channels approved for use in the US are not approved in India
- Significantly lower EIRP limits in UNII-3 band in India
- India does not allow channel 165

The correct way to do this is to purchase a "Rest of World" unrestricted controller and locate it in a data center that is not on US or Israel soil. This controller can terminate RAPs for any unrestricted country in the world for which Aruba holds approvals. You simply set up a separate AP group for each country with the appropriate regulatory domain profile.