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Updating configuration of Inactive APs

I am trying to reconcile all AP profiles across my network, but cannot due to some inactive APs being down and unable to receive the new profiles I have created. Is there anyway to update the profile information while the AP is down?

These apply to RAP-2WG and 105 APs
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Re: Updating configuration of Inactive APs

Robert - The APs will update their profile info the next time they connect. If you dont expect them to come back on-line, you can use the CLI command "clear gap-db ap-name " and they will be removed from the "Down" list. If you expect them to come back on-line, you shouldn't remove them (especially if they are RAPs and not campus APs).
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Re: Updating configuration of Inactive APs

Thank you for swift reply. I guess my issue should be stated as:

"I expect these APs to come up, and do not wish to remove them, but how do I update their profiles _before_ they come back up, as they will not work with current configurations"

As it stands now, they will not work once they come up, because profile they are associated with no longer exist.
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Re: Updating configuration of Inactive APs

If you have the RAP2WGs in the RAP whitelist, you can change their ap-group and when they come back up, they will be in the new ap-group:

(3600) #show local-userdb-ap mac-address 00:1a:1e:c0:24:0a

AP-entry Details
Name AP-Group AP-Name Full-Name Authen-Username Revoke-Text AP_Authenticated Description Date-Added Enabled Remote-IP
---- -------- ------- --------- --------------- ----------- ---------------- ----------- ---------- ------- ---------
00:1a:1e:c0:24:0a default 00:1a:1e:c0:24:0a Provisioned Sat Jun 26 14:25:27 2010 Yes

AP Entries: 1

(3600) #local-userdb-ap modify mac-address 00:1a:1e:c0:24:0a ap-group survey

Since the AP105 is most likely a Campus AP, you would have better results copying what you want into that OLD AP-group to get the AP up and running if you don't want to mass-reprovision APs:

config t
ap-group oldapgroup
clone desired ap-group

Those APs should come up with no problems, after that.

Last, but not least, you can use the ap-regroup command, which allows you to change the group of an ap offline, or even when the AP is not connected to the controller. When the AP comes up, it will be put into the new group:

(3600) #ap-regroup ?
ap-name Regroup AP with this name
serial-num Regroup AP with this serial number
wired-mac Regroup AP at this MAC address

As you can see, you can regroup based on the serialnumber of the AP, the ap-name of that AP, or the wired mac address of that AP. "show ap database long" will give you all three parameters to act on this.

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Re: Updating configuration of Inactive APs

Perfect, thanks!
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