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Upgradering backup-flash on offline RAP-5WN


I'm at a site where we have 250+ RAP-5WN. Many of these contains the old 3.x firmware on their backup-partition and we're soon going to upgrade to 6.1x. We will need to upgrade these so that they don't get stuck when they get paperclip reset.

My question is, what will happen to the offline APs when we issue:
#apflash ap-group EXAMPLE global backup-partition

Will they be upgraded when they come online or will they never get this command? In that case, is there any better way to do this than to chase the offline accesspoints, get them online and issue the command for each AP?

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Re: Upgradering backup-flash on offline RAP-5WN

Long story short, they need to be online. Put as many of them online as possible and issue:

You should only do this on ArubaOS 5.x

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