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Upgrading to N - Using air monitors

We are in the process of upgrading our APs from AP60s and 61s (and a few 65s) to newer N capable radios (105, 135). In the past, we've never really used air monitors, all of our APs were just transmitting and sniffing the air as they normally do.

Now that we have plenty of spare older APs, would it be wise to redeploy them as air monitors, since they are wired up anyway and we don't have any other use for them?

Any reason NOT to do this? What do we gain BY doing this.
Any and all help is appreciated. Especially if you have best practices as to how this should be done.
Scott Miller
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Re: Upgrading to N - Using air monitors

You gain dedicated Air monitoring, more robust IDS/IPS as well as more accurate location tracking, if you have maps imported. There is no downside.

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one thing to consider...

I agree with the above post, however older AP's will not do spectrum analysis. I would keep them in their own group and have excellent AM features, or make them RAP's

Re: Upgrading to N - Using air monitors

Aside: You could also trade in the legacy (abg) APs for the $$ when you buy the newer AP-105 and AP-135 models. Promo goes through Jan '12 for $50-$100 per AP worth of trade-in.
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