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Using APs as bridges

Hi all, is it possible to use AP61s or maybe 105s as bridges between wired networks? Thanks very much. ;)
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Re: Using APs as bridges

Yes, it is possible. The 3.4.2 users guide has a section called "Configuring Ethernet Ports for Mesh" that explains how to do it (you have to setup a wired AP profile and apply it to the APs so the VLANs are right, then set the mesh portal (the AP with a wired connection to the controller) and the mesh point (the AP on the other side). The gotcha with the 105s and 61s will be their range, since they don't have external antenna support. If you only have a short distance to bridge, then they may work. Also, if you are running older code (prior to 3.4.x), you may need to purchase indoor mesh licenses or upgrade to 3.4.
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Re: Using APs as bridges

Thanks for the quick reply. Just shown the other techs here so they may get me to setup a test. We will be uping from to soon. :D
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