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Using Eth 1 on AP70's and RAP-2's

Specifically looking on RAP-2's and AP70's - I'd like to use the 2nd ethernet port to bridge traffic back to a vlan tag thats available via eth 0.

I've never configured the other ethernet port before - but hearing about the ability to daisy-chain AP70's etc - figured it should be fairly straigtforward...

Anyway has anyone attempted this before?

Ideally I'd like to Configure things so that the AP will establish tunnel using a tagged vlan (ie 100) on a port - then bridge the native vlan on eth0 to eth1. This would allow for a AP to be installed using a users dataport - they could then plug their workstation into eth1 on the AP and have the same wired connectivity - and we'd have wifi coverage in trouble spots with limited wired availability.

but not sure this is possible - a vlan ID is not one of the provisionable attributes it appears.

Just wondering if this has been done before? Am I looking in the wrong areas to attempt to configure it?

Travis Schick

Re: Using Eth 1 on AP70's and RAP-2's

You can absolutely do this, but the vlan tag for eth1 is a part of the 'AP Group > AP > Wired Profile'. You can choose tunnel, bridge, and choose the VLAN, etc. It isn't a provisioning setting on the ap itself.
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