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Using Fluke Tools with ARUBA APs

Anyone using a fluke AirCheck tool for primary troubleshooting?
We are a new ARUBA customer and have been using Fluke tools for some years.
My issue is that the tool discovers the AP (by mac address (with vendor prefix) but does not discover the AP "name".
Fluke says:
The AirCheck will display the name of an Access Point if it is included in the ‘name’ filed of the APs Beacon, it appears from the packet captures received from Aruba wireless networks the ‘Name’ field is not being populated in the Beacon field and hence the AirCheck has nothing to show so the default becomes the BSSID.

Any ideas on how to accomplish this?

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Re: Using Fluke Tools with ARUBA APs

The "name" of the AP being populated in the beacon is a Cisco proprietary construct.

"In a beacon, the AP includes an information element that is Cisco-proprietary that contains the AP name. If you turn off Aironet extensions on the AP, the AP does not beacon its name. Refer to Disabling and Enabling Aironet Extensions for more information on Aironet extensions."

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Re: Using Fluke Tools with ARUBA APs

Yes, it's CISCO only unless you use the AirCheck software to populate the local database then upload it to the aircheck. Too much work for me as I have over 500 AP's. Sent my aircheck back to fluke.
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