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What happens to APs when controller is upgraded?

Hi All,

I've tried to find out exactly what happens to the APs when a controller is upgraded but so far no joy.

I'm curious as to what procedure the APs go through after the controller reboots with the updated OS.

Is it documented anywhere? It may be something that most people aren't interested in as long as the upgrade works, but I have 200+ APs on a controller that needs upgrading and all the APs are remote, so downloads to the APs could take a while?
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Re: What happens to APs when controller is upgraded?

Hi Guys,

don't worry now, I went ahead with the upgrade last night and all went fine. some of the info is available in the upgrade guide or cjosephs COTD sticky but I was after a bit more detail before I did the upgrade as I was nervous, but so far so good, took about 20 minutes for 200 APs to upgrade!
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