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Why user connect the AP with g-HT?

Hi all,
I'm new for aruba please advice me.
I had AP 105 and AP124 in system then sometime client connect g-HT but sometime connect a-HT. I don't know why?
In my configuration i already configed bandsteering.
Is it normal case?
======================================= 00:24:01:0e:8d:47 txx1 machine-user-role 00:00:19 8021x-User SEC-312 Wireless patana/00:24:6c:b2:22:42/g-HT BPS-Profile tunnel
thanks in advance
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Re: Why user connect the AP with g-HT?

type "show ap bandsteering client" and see if the mac address of the client is in there.

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Re: Why user connect the AP with g-HT?

thanks a lot, colin

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Re: Why user connect the AP with g-HT?

Before getting too deep into troubleshooting, make sure the client's wifi adapter has the latest drivers supplied by the vendor.

I've seen Intel a/b/g cards refuse to connect to the "a" band when they are on "old" drivers. I can't give exact versions at the moment, but suffice to say, upgrading is an absolute necessity, which unfortunately is not something most Desktop groups like to hear.
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