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show ap database shows ?/? in slot/port column

I have got a an issue here, in show ap database long the slot/port for a few AP's are showing as ?/?. have noticed it many times. However would like to get it clarified on what circumstances it happens.

AP Database
Name Group AP Type IP Address Status Flags Wired MAC Address Serial # Slot/Port FQLN Outer IP
---- ----- ------- ---------- ------ ----- ----------------- -------- --------- ---- --------
18.1.1 18.0.0 OAW-AP70 Up 2d:20h:14m:24s 00:0b:86:c6:07:1e A500 97879 ?/? 18\.1\.1.Floor 1.FEC-C.Main Campus N/A
18.1.2 18.0.0 OAW-AP70 Up 2d:20h:9m:2s 00:0b:86:c7:e8:e0 A50195800 1/23 18\.1\.2.Floor 1.FEC-C.Main Campus N/A
18.1.3 18.0.0 OAW-AP70 Up 2d:20h:14m:49s 00:0b:86:c7:e8:78 A50195748 ?/? 18\.1\.3.Floor 1.FEC-C.Main Campus N/A
18.1.4 18.0.0 OAW-AP70 Up 2d:20h:10m:53s 00:0b:86:c7:e9:0e A50195823 ?/? 18\.1\.4.Floor 1.FEC-C.Main Campus N/A
18.2.1 18.0.0 OAW-AP70 Up 2d:20h:14m:29s 00:0b:86:c7:e8:28 A50195708 1/23 18\.2\.1.Floor 2.FEC-C.Main Campus N/A
18.2.2 18.0.0 OAW-AP70 Up 2d:20h:13m:37s 00:0b:86:c7:e8:f0 A50195808 ?/? 18\.2\.2.Floor 2.FEC-C.Main Campus N/A
18.2.3 18.0.0 OAW-AP70 Up 2d:20h:9m:3s 00:0b:86:c7:e8:ee A50195807 1/23 18\.2\.3.Floor 2.FEC-C.Main Campus N/A


Re: show ap database shows ?/? in slot/port column

What type of controller is this?

Where are the APs that are noted as ?/? connected and drawing their power from ?
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Re: show ap database shows ?/? in slot/port column

Any update here ? do we know why we see ?/? on the database long output on some of the AP's 

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