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DLNA, Apple AirPlay, AirPrint and other zero-configuration (zeroconf) services based on the Bonjour protocol are essential services in campus Wi-Fi networks.

DLNA and Bonjour rely on Layer 2 protocols that use multicast messages. In order to enable Bonjour and DLNA services on campus networks, IT departments must perform customization to enjoy the following capabilities:

Forward DLNA and Bonjour across subnets and VLANs, especially as devices like Apple TVs and printers are often on a different subnet than user devices like laptops.

Limit DLNA and Bonjour traffic over the wireless LAN (WLAN) to prevent performance issues. Multicast traffic by default goes out on all Wi-Fi access points (APs) and often at the lowest rates, taking up valuable airtime.

Limit DLNA and Bonjour traffic by VLAN and service-type for security reasons. Network engineers often configure certain VLANs for administrative access and prefer to block user traffic like Bonjour on these VLANs. Similarly, DLNA Bonjour can be used for a variety of applications beyond screen-sharing and printing, some of which may need to be blocked per the organization's security policy.

Limit DLNA and Bonjour traffic by ownership and location to ensure a better user experience. Campus networks can have hundreds, if not thousands of shared devices. It is likely that not all these devices are for every individual.

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