How is multicast routing achieved in Aruba AirMesh?

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How is multicast routing achieved in Aruba AirMesh?


Product and Software: This article applies to Aruba MeshOS 4.2 and later.


Aruba MeshOS supports Protocol Independent Multicasting - Sparse Mode (PIM-SM) to route multicast traffic across the mesh. PIM-SM uses the routes populated through the AWR. In sparse mode, a rendezvous point must be configured so that multicast traffic can be forwarded in the network.


To configure for multicast routing, issue these commands:

MSR2000# configure terminal

MSR2000(config)# router multicast

MSR2000(config-multicast)# rp-address <ip address>

MSR2000(config-multicast)# enable

MSR2000config-multicast)# debug state

MSR2000(config-multicast)# end


AP Multicast Optimization

Multicast frames are sent in the wireless medium at the lowest rates. To optimize the delivery of multicast traffic in the wireless network, Aruba mesh routers can convert multicast traffic into unicast and then deliver them to clients more efficiently. This conversion helps deliver frames at the highest possible data rates with acknowledgement.


To enable multicast optimization, issue this command:

MSR2000(config-bss)# multicast-optimization

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