How to console into an Aruba AirMesh routers and change its Management IP address?

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Aruba Employee

By default, Aruba AirMesh routers will have the local IP address as and if this IP address conflicts with the IP address of any one of the interfaces on the device, the local IP address of the router is changed to an inactive state.


AirMesh routers don’t have a regular console port similar to one that we have on other indoor APs like AP 105 or 125.It has a USB port which can be used to get into the AP console using USB console driver and a USB console cable shown in the image below:





EnvironmentThis article applies to all Aruba AirMesh Devices running MeshOS 4.2 and Above.


Configuration Steps


The Web Management Interface or the CLI via SSH of the Airmesh routers can be accessed via the local IP address but if the local IP address is not accessible or is inactive, the following methods may be used to access the console and change the Management IP address

Install the USB drivers from Aruba support site. You can download the driver by logging on to and navigating to Download Software> AirMesh> MeshOS> Current Release> USB Console Driver.




Drivers are available only for Windows. Install the driver on your machine and determine the COM Port associated to the USB driver under “Device Manager” on the PC.

Initiate “putty” or any terminal of your choice and navigate to “serial” and change to the appropriate COM Port , Set the Speed to 115200, Also make sure that Flow control is set to XON/XOFF.


The default username root and password is public.

On occasion we have noted that with certain versions of putty we need to use backspace twice before entering the password



By Default the mesh router is configured to obtain its Management IP address on the interface vlan 1. You need to use the USB console to set a static IP address on the interface VLAN 1. Once the Management IP is set, the WMI corresponding to the mesh router can be accessed using this IP address.

MSR1200-KB# config t
MSR1200-KB(config)# interface vlan 1
MSR1200-KB(config-vlan)# ip address

Note : The interface vlan 1 is itself is configured to obtain IP address using DHCP in factory default.





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