Using iperf, how to check the bandwidth on a point-to-point link between Airmesh APs?

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Aruba Employee

Bandwidth on mesh links is dependent on the quality of the point-to-point link. Many factors may effect the link quality, such as environment, obstructions, antenna alignment and radio power.

When accessing resources across the links is slow, the first step the administrator would like understand is the bandwidth on the link. This article details on using the Iperf utility available in Airmesh routers to check the link bandwidth.


  • Basically, Iperf is a tool for network performance measurement that can create TCP and UDP data streams and measure the throughput of a network that is carrying them.

  • This tool comes in built-in with firmware on Airmesh devices.

Environment: This article applies to Aruba Airmesh Devices running MeshOS.


Network Topology: MSR-A -- - Point-to-Point --Link -- MSR-B


"router-test" command from command line allows the user to run the utilities such as iperf, ping or art. When using iperf for network performance measurement on point-to-point links, one MSR needs to act as a server and other MSR should act as a client.


Below screenshots from show iperf as server on MSR-A  and iperf as client on MSR-B:

MSR-A as iperf server  (iperf -s)


MSR-B as iperf client (iperf -c <server ip address>)


In the above image, the IP address "" is assigned to the radio interface of the MSR, that is acting as iperf server. To find this, run the command: "show rf-management links"


Therefore, the bandwidth on the point-to-point link between MSR-A and MSR-B is 12. 8 Mbits / Sec
  • To make sure that test results are accurate, run the command on the client (in our topology it is MSR-B) multiple times
  • Run for 5 or 10 times and take an average


  • Before running the iperf test, make sure both the devices are able to ping each other
  • To understand the actual bandwidth of the link, it is recommend to perform the test when the other traffic on the link is low.


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