What is the best practice for RF design?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Question:  What is the best practice for RF design?


Product and Software: This article applies to AirMesh.

When you design an RF system, follow these rules:

  • Less than 50 nodes in a mesh.
  • Less than 5 hops in a mesh.
  • One gateway should take charge of the traffic of 12 nodes at most. Generally, the backhaul link would be established by 802.11a/na, and the coverage signal would use 802.11g/ng. For long distances, 802.11g/ng also can be used to establish the backhaul link. It is recommended that you establish one WDS on each radio, and the RSSI should be more than 30. The radio used as coverage should associate less than 20 clients.
  • Distance configuration suggestions: distance less than 300 m, 1 km-3us, does not need to configure the distance parameter.
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