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3Com 5500

I have a 3Com 5500 switch that I am trying to import into Airwave to view interface statistics. For some reason I can import it and gain general information but the interfaces do not show up. I have other 5500's which display just fine. the configs are the same and I can't figure this out... Any idea's?

Re: 3Com 5500

When you added the switch to airwave did you use the router/switch type or the universal device type? It will need to be added as a router/switch for airwave to do the full router/switch polling.
AirWave uses standad mibs to poll switches. It would be odd of those mibs were present in one 5500 and not the other 5500 unless there was something different in the switch. Are the switches running the same firmware?

I would recommend opening a support case so they can help you get to the bottom of the problem.
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