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AirWave Management Platform XML API


I was wondering if there is a way to push/configure some general properties of an AP like its name etc. from AirWave Management Platform's XML API. I haven't had any luck so far with the available documentation.


Can someone help me with the same?



Thank you.

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Re: AirWave Management Platform XML API

What platform do you want pushing to what? Do you want to send commands to Airwave and then Airwave sends commands to the controller?

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Re: AirWave Management Platform XML API

Yes, I want to send commands to AirWave using the api and AirWave then sends them to the controller.

7240 Controller to the 220/225 AP.

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Re: AirWave Management Platform XML API

I would like to use the Airwave API as well.  I've found the documentation for the xml files to query and all that and know which ones I need to use, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get a remote server to access them using a program that I write.  The remote program is going to need to authenticate to airwave somehow, but it is not documented anywhere that I can find.


I did find this post that mentioned authenticating to airwave (, however the link referenced in that post is a 404.

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