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Airwave Signal Quality report


I've been using Airwave to run some custom reports to show where we are currently over- and under-subscribed.

One report that I'm real interested in generating has to do with the "User Signal Distribution" widget on the main page. I'd like to generate a report that shows me where people are connecting with weak signals. I believe this will help me patch problems that currently exist in our design.

Does anyone have a recommendation to generate that report?



Signal Quality

The User Session report with details included could be helpful, especially if you export it and manipulate it in Excel to help identify problem spots.

The RF Health report might also be helpful, and VisualRF is a good tool for identifying areas with poor coverage.

If you have shell access and want to get a more detailed look at which folders have lots of users with weak signals, the following command would be a good start:

The output would be something like this:

     folder        | client_count 
Library | 143
Village Square | 123
Mortuary | 111
West BP | 85
East TL | 75

The client_count column represents the per-folder count of how many users are in the lowest bar of your graph.
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Re: Airwave Signal Quality report

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the awesome command! I very much appreciate it.

When I ran the command, I only received 4 - 5 users in different areas that had a low signal. Does the command extrapolate that data in real time? If so, do you know how often the "User Signal Distribution" widget samples data?

Thanks for your great help!


Every hour

The data for the signal quality widget on the home page is updated hourly.
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Signal Quality Report

Dan, What value classifies average signal quality as low?

Re: Airwave Signal Quality report

For the User Signal Distribution widget on the home page, we find the highest user signal quality for any user within the last 24 hours, and we divide that up into 5 buckets. So the users in the low category are users whose signal was less than 20% of the user with the best signal.
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