AirWave and Network Management

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Aruba Networks Management

Hello everyone,

We have our systems up and running, but when we connect a user to our SSID the VisualRF within the management is not showing where the user is connected too?

Has anyone come up with the issue before? Also all the display options are enable to view the user and the APs.



Do you have the WMS setting "collect-stats" enabled? It needs to be turned on for AirWave to gather user and rogue signal data from local controllers. These commands would enable it:

# configure terminal
# wms
# general collect-stats enable

collect-stats on controller gui

collect-stats can also be enabled from a controller's gui. It's the setting called "Enable Statistics Update in DB" on the Configuration > Advanced Services > Wireless page.
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Re: Aruba Networks Management

Hey dancomfort,

I checked the GUI portion of the controller and "Enable Statistics Update in DB" is checked off.

A few questions

For one of those APs in VisualRF.....

- If you click its Monitoring link you're taking to the AMP Monitoring page. Does it show that the AP has users? This would help us start to isolate whether the problem is with VisualRF, or the AMP, or the controller.

- Do you see any errors for its radios? When VisualRF has problems with the radio data it gets from AMP, it doesn't place users. Usually, our support team can fix these kinds of things very quickly.
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Re: Aruba Networks Management

Hey Dancomfort sorry for the late response, but yes the AP's are showing that user are connected. I see users connected in the "Users/Connected" page. Where would i check for errors for its radios?

first time user on Aruba products. thanks you.

click on the AP icon

To see the 802.11a radio properties, click on the AP icon, then in the popup window, click on the bar that says "802.11a Radio".

Re: Aruba Networks Management

Here's a screenshot of VisualRF's radio properties window:

If you see an error in that pane, then it would probably be a good idea to open a support case. The support team can usually fix those things very quickly.
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Re: Aruba Networks Management

No error message on the AP's pane. everything looks good. like today we have about 12 users on and the visualRF is not updating. driving me crazy :(

Re: Aruba Networks Management

That's weird. I'd recommend opening a case with support.
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