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Channel Busy MIB/OID


Does anyone know OID or MIB for Channel Busy on the Aruba Controller's? I want to setup my network graphs to monitor this per AP in selected areas. I have found
. (wlanAPRadioUtilization). Which is good information to know but not exactly what I was looking for. Right now I have a SSH Script collecting the information but I'd rather have it graphed.

show ap debug radio-stats ap-name %AP_Name% radio 1 | include Busy

Thanks in advance.

Ron Gilmore
SUNY Oneonta

Channel Utilization isn't in mibs today


That information isn't available via the mibs today. If you're not using AirWave, getting that data via a command line script like you're using is probably the best approach (although I'm not sure if you have a good way to create graphs from the data).

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Re: Channel Busy MIB/OID

Thanks Dan ... That's what I thought but was hoping I was wrong or couldn't find it. We are not using AirWave yet, but hopefully soon (depending up on budget!). I have a somewhat manual process now for collecting the data, but wanted to automate it. I'll wait till I hear the yes/no for AirWave before I continue down this path. Thanks again.

Ron G.
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