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Device in multiple groups on Airwave/AMP

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I would like to know if anyone has managed to add a device to multiple groups. I can't see how you can do this.
Reason for wanting to do this:-

We have a shared WLAN infrastructure, and some customers are on some AP's and not others, and I would like them to recieve traps from only the devices that are relevant to them.
Would make my life a lot easier!!

Any work around ideas would be good too.

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Re: Device in multiple groups on Airwave/AMP


APs can be assigned to exactly one group and exactly one folder. The folders are arranged in a hierarchy. Is it possible for you to arrange your APs in folders so that the folder structure reflects the arrangement of your customers?

Triggers can also be limited to a particular folder and/or group. You could create similar triggers with different group/folder assignments and different email recipients or trap destinations.
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Re: Device in multiple groups on Airwave/AMP

Hi Jason,

I thought as much, we can't arrange the groups according to the customers unfortunately, as we need them sorted geographically for our support teams which is more of a priority.
I was hoping to do something like what you can do with Solarwinds Orion - create different maps for different customers - that's how we get around the problem today - I'm something like that is in the pipeline though :)
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Re: Device in multiple groups on Airwave/AMP

The AMP uses its groups for policy configuration (configuration and auditing). Each group defines its own configuration: SSIDs, channels, timeouts, templates, servers, settings. So, if you had a device in two different groups, it would essentially be telling the device that you want two different policy configurations. Which should the AMP use for auditing and configuration? This would be an inconsistent state. So "one AP in multiple groups" is probably not something you'll ever see on the AMP (though various mechanisms to share and combine configurations exist - such as global/subscriber groups - and we might explore more in future versions).

With regards to your specific problem, it sounds like you're using AMP-generated SNMP traps, fired by triggers, with the "limit by group/folder" setting, and you want to limit visibility. The AMP uses folders for this, not groups, as the container/collection objects that affects monitored device visibility. But, as you've observed, folders are strictly hierarchical, and your current arrangement of folders is not easily reconciled with the visibility settings you want for traps. In essence, you're looking for a way to maintain your "geographic" folder arrangement separately from your "customer visibility" settings. You turn to groups, but they're not serving your needs either.