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Disable CDP discovery of routers/switches ?


"AirWave 7.0 allows users to discover Cisco Edge switches (Catalyst models) via SNMP or CDP and monitor"

The result of the added CDP discovery, is that I can see lots of Catalyst switches in "New Devices" that I don't want in Airwave.

Is it possible to disable CDP discovery of new devices?

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Re: Disable CDP discovery of routers/switches ?

You can ignore devices on the New Devices list, and they won't show up there again.

You can also set "Read CDP Table for Device Discovery" to "Disabled" on the Groups > Basic page under Routers and Switches.

If you do decide to monitor the switches in AMP, you will be able to do things like see bandwidth and error counters per port and determine the upstream devices for your APs. Our goal with the wired management features in AirWave 7 is to improve your visibility into the wired network that supports your WLAN.
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