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Enterprise DNS and DHCP

Not sure if this is the correct Forum for this question....

We currently are currently using the old Nortel NetID product for Enterprise DNS and DHCP. We are considering Infoblox grid solution. Would liek to know what others are using and how has your Wireless Deployment impacted your DNS and DHCP Infrastructure.

We are deploying about 380 APs covering our 90 Acre Campus of 15 Buildings.

We have about 5000 wired Nodes and swagging a triple the number of BYOD users for Secure Authenticated Network and Our Public Open Network. The current DHCP and DNS didnt hit our network as it was controlled via a Bluesocket Wireless Controller and had a pool of about 500 private IPs that it handed out.

We are seeing an increased amount of timeout etcs on these older NetID servers so we know we need to do something. We have about 500 full time employees on Campus everyday and probably about 7-8000 students daily.
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Re: Enterprise DNS and DHCP

We had used a Bluesocket 2100 controller prior to our cut over to Aruba. We went with our existing Infoblox solution and added another 1050A to handle the load of handing out IPs to our wireless clients. We now have 380+ APs, about 700-900 clients logged on daily. We have a 200 acre 18 building campus at our communty college all running on a 6000 controller with one M3. So far so good.
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Re: Enterprise DNS and DHCP

We use ISC BIND and DHCP for a 2.5k+ APs with about 12K users connected at peak.

- is a standard and you can get decent O'Reilly book or two on it
- has several nice features like views
- is on the front end of the DNSSec stuff

- it works
- it does scale on modest hardware and is free

- needs a database backend to store its config data in.
- needs a suite of tools to check for errors, missing records
- needs a package to allow users to do self service changes
- is on the front end of the DNSSec stuff

- no visibility into pool usage until you get the dreaded "peer holds all free leases" message
- OMAPI is a very poor API, obviously written by a low level DHCP developer, not easy for general consumption
- no one has a recent/developed/remotely polished perl module to handle OMAPI

Several years ago we looked at Infoblox and liked what we saw. We just didn't have the funds to make it happen. DNS and DHCP are mostly forgotten because they just work (until they don't).
But your options especially for DHCP are pretty thin.
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Re: Enterprise DNS and DHCP

On my network we have roughly 100k-120k users spread over a couple hundred sites. We had been a long time netid customer, pretty much customer #1 or close to it! As of this last weekend, our last production netid box came down, replaced by infoblox. (20 some actual appliances in total)

Overall, the transition went well. If you don't have professional services help you, make sure you make friends with your best perl guru on staff, you will need him!

As far as impact to wifi, there was none. Ideally the transition from netid to info should be seamless to the users. They left for the weekend friday, come back monday, and everything looks/works/acts the same. In our case the controller does zero layer 3, it just drops the users off on a layer 2 connection and the regular network switching/routing/dns-dhcp does the rest.

Feel free to message me any questions you have about the netid->info. I've got LOTS of tips and a bunch of perl scripts that I used to help in the transition.
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