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FQLN in Airwave

I've been running an eval of Airwave 6.2.3 in preparing to migrate from MMS.

I was accustomed to provisioning new APs with the MMS, which was something MMS actually did well. I'm using a local controller now, then adding them to Airwave as they are discovered. Nowhere in this process have I found a field for fully qualified location names. From the Airwave perspective, it looks like they are not necessary, as you simply create a building folder (call it whatever you like) and add the newly discovered AP.

shows an empty location name field for all APs deployed this way, but all are functioning fine.

Am I missing something here, or has the need for FQLNs vanished?

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FQLN is not used during provisioning


AWMS doesn't support the FQLN during provisioning today. On any AP's Manage page, you can add the location in the location field. Additionally, adding APs to VisualRF gives additional graphical insight into where the APs are.


Re: FQLN in Airwave

Someone from Engineering probably needs to jump in here, but I believe the FQLN concept is fading into history as unnecessary. The big idea was to let the AP itself keep track of where it was physically located, so it could tell any controller or management system it talked to - avoiding the need for keeping distributed databases in sync. In practice I'm not sure it has worked out well, and with AWMS replacing MMS I don't think it's needed anymore.
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Thanks for the responses. For what it's worth, after 2 months using the Airwave product, I don't miss the MMS at all... ;)
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