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Installing iLO on a Airwave blade


I am currently running Airwave 7.13 x64 on a CentOS 5.5 image. The server is an HP Proliant BL465c blade inside an HP C7000 chassis.

Our server guys asked if we could install the HP Proliant server pack that allows HP's iLO software granular information about the server.

I unpacked the tarball and attempted to run the file. The following error came up:

./hpsum: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I was reading the HP docs and I can tell that the full set of libraries are not installed on the Airwave server. I'm hesitant to try and install the full RPM and kernel libraries because I don't want to mess up the Airwave appliance.

Has anyone installed HP's iLO on the Airwave appliance? If not, has anyone successfully installed supplemental software in Airwave, specifically development libraries?



Re: Installing iLO on a Airwave blade

I know we have had customers install it in the past on a 32 bit AMP running 6.x. Unfortunately we do not have an HP blade server in house so we do not routinely test the iLO features. I can't promise that it will work flawlessly.

AirWave does a pretty good job of requiring any specific RPMs it needs and conflicting with RPMs that will cause problems. Do you have a second server that you could install AMP on for testing? The AMP install is fairly quick. My recommendation would be to install AMP on a spare blade and put the iLO packages on. If there are conflicts they will be pretty quick to find. Then I would monitor your existing network for a day or two just to be safe. Assuming everything workes, copy off the most recent backup from your production AMP for safety and install the iLO in production.
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