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Report for just Aruba APs in mixed environment

We use Airwave to manage a mixed set of Aruba APs and Cisco fat APs. I'd like to generate a report that only looks at the Aruba APs. Anyone know any magic to only select the Arubas?

Unfortunately the Device Search Filter appears to match only the name, and the Filter By Device Type list doesn't break them down by vendor.

And selecting only the Aruba Controllers as the target devices only reports against the controllers, not the APs behind the controllers?

Restrict by folder or group?

If you have your Aruba gear in different groups or folders than the Cisco stuff then you could restrict the report to a set of groups/folders.
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Re: Report for just Aruba APs in mixed environment

They are somewhat in different folders, except for places with mixed coverage (we generally map folders to buildings).

I've not used groups, and thought them to mainly be for configuration control. Perhaps thats where I need to start looking....
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Re: Report for just Aruba APs in mixed environment

If you export a CSV of the Daily Inventory report, there is a "Type" column that you can sort by:

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