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Rogue AP

In AMP, we were testing Rogue AP's. We set up an ap we brought in from home, used our corporate SSID and AMP found it as a Rogue. How do you contain it and how can you tell if in fact it is contained?
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Re: Rogue AP

I contain them right from the master controller. You'll know they are contained if you can't connect to the SSID on that rouge AP.

Rogue AP

On the RAPIDS setup page you have the option to Manage rogue containment on Aruba and Cisco controllers.
If you enable that option, there will be a new classification type of contained rogue.
From the rogue detail page or modify devices link you can classify the rogue as 'contained rogue'. That contained state will get pushed to the controller where it will take the appropriate action if it is configured to contain devices.
You can also edit the rule that classified the Rogue to classify devices into the Contained rogue state.
If your controllers are in managed mode, they will start containing the rogue. Caution should be exercised before putting controllers into managed mode.
If your controllers are in monitor only you may want to enable rogue containment management in monitor only mode on the RAPIDS setup page.
I would highly recommend taking a look at the RAPIDS chapter of the AirWave user guide for more information.
Caution should always be exercised before containing devices.
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