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SNMP/ Nagios fail without clear gap-db lms *

First post on here so I hope this hasn't been covered already.

I'm using the script on nagios that Doke posted here:

We have it SNMP walk against the master and the 2 locals for down AP's and then nagios begins alerting us about it.

The problem is, if an AP reboots or goes down and we replace it, the master clears it out or sees it back up and that LMS it originally talked to sees it as up too, but the backup LMS has it down in the ap-database forcing us to go to the master and run

clear gap-db lms
clear gap-db lms

for every time an ap restarts or goes bad so that the nagios event is cleared. This is especially bad when one lms fails and all the AP's failover to the other, then it comes up and and they fail back. The LMS they failed over to has all those AP's now in adownstate until the clear gap-db commands are run on the master.

Has anyone experienced this or know of a way around this?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: SNMP/ Nagios fail without clear gap-db lms *

Only monitor the master for up/down.....

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Re: SNMP/ Nagios fail without clear gap-db lms *

Thanks for the response,

The script allows us to get a lot more information on our AP's including # of clients connected, S/N, radio information...

Plus, it seems like our master is always behind a bit on the status of all controllers/ AP's - sometimes it's a noticeable 5-10min. lag for the master to update in the GUI that an AP is down...
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