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SNMP variables missing in 3.4 vs 3.3

My favorite OID tree in 3.3.x.x used to be (wlsxSwitchUserTable) to obtain information about MAC addresses and such connected to what AP. Some of the next tree does exist ( (aka (wlsxSwitchStationMgmtEntry)), but the select things that are useful are not there. These things disappeared when we upgraded to (now at

Basically, I want to find the users (either IP or MAC) associated to what access point, given the MAC, IP, or name of the AP. I use this in our network monitoring system (intermapper) where I've written a custom probe that gets this information from the controller, and shows me AP info, as well as a list of MACs connected with their SNR, username, room number, and radio type. Right now, I'm cheating by using (monStaInfoBSSID), but that seems to show me all MACs that the AP sees, and not just the ones associated to it.

Also, an snmpwalk of the controller on version 3.4.x.x gives me 2.6 megs of data, whereas 3.3.x.x gave me around 9 megs of data. So it would seem that there is ALOT missing. I'm also using snmp v2c, if that makes a difference.

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Hi Jon,

AWMS gets most of its user data from the wlsxUserEntry (. table, and I believe that includes everything you're looking for.

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well, its a bit of a backwards approach, but I guess it works. Given the IP of the AP, I now have to look up it's name, then walk the entire nUserApLocation table, and filter based on the AP I want. Still need to figure out what AP is named "N/A", but apparently theres 21 users connected to it (or maybe theres more then 1 AP with that "name").

It makes things work for now, but I'll continue to look through the MIBs and snmpwalks for something more appropriate.
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Re: SNMP variables missing in 3.4 vs 3.3

I'd love to find a proper solution to this, because none of my SNMP polls can include the user IP & Mac addresses at the same time.

The wlsxSwitchUserTable ( has the user mac address, but no IP.
The wlsxUserTable ( has much more information, but no IP or Mac address.

If those fields were actually accessible, it would make life a lot easier to read information off of the switch.

I'm a bit confused

I'm not sure exactly what you mean when you say "none of my SNMP polls can include the user IP & Mac addresses at the same time". Do you have some kind of policy against all that data being in one response?

Those both exist in nUserName (. Example:


If that's not what you're looking for, could you clarify what information you do need to get and how it would work best for you?


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Re: SNMP variables missing in 3.4 vs 3.3

Ack, I wasn't even thinking of the keys...
I've got everything I need now, thanks.
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