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Stop and Start Visual RF From CLI


I am trying to stop and start (or say disable and enable) Visual RF from CLI. Can any one please let me know the command or query.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Stop and Start Visual RF From CLI

AirWave has a process called ServiceWatcher whose job is to restart VisualRF if it's configured to be on and it's not running. So it's a 2-step process to stop it and a 1-step process to start it.

To Stop it:

1. Set it to disabled in the database:

# dbc "update seas_config set visualrf_enabled = 0";

2. Stop the java process:

# killall java

To Start it:

1. Just set it to enabled in the database, and ServiceWatcher will start it:

# dbc "update seas_config set visualrf_enabled = 1";
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