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Template Mismatch bug?

I went through pain staking efforts to get my templates set, switches all audit to compliance.....the next day they are mistmatched again (monitor mode). I've been through this exercise at least 3 time so far. Nothing sticks.

I've noticed that after I re-poll, re-audit, the device becomes matched again.
However, the some Templates are shown without any Actual/Deisred statements which implies the device is matched. If you go throught this process then select Mismatched again, it appears complaint once more!!!
Sometimes the device says no mismatched items, which is what you would expect.

At first I thought I had to many of these filters in the group template:
no spanning-tree

I tried one, then 2, then 3.....and it seems that the problem becomes evident at 5 or 6 of these exclusions. I'm not sure if this is related.

Before I open anther ticket....has anyone seen this and have an idea whats going on?

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Re: Template Mismatch bug?

My AW 7.05:

Click on group, then click the "wrench" of the group you want to edit, check "no" on “Audit Configuration on Devices”, no more annoying “mismatched”

~Trinh Nguyen~
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Re: Template Mismatch bug?

That would be OK, except I would like for Airwave to audit my devices.
However, its not working as expected.
I plan to use to keep configurations standarized and compliant.
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