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Visual RF HEAT Maps

We just recently upgraded AMP to 7.2.3. When I go into some of my drawings, it will show the access points on the drawing but it will not show the HEAT map. I keep my db set at -65 all the time so my drawings are typically very "colorful". Anyone have any suggestions?

Re: Visual RF HEAT Maps

I recommend opening a support case about that.

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Re: Visual RF HEAT Maps

i have a similar problem, turning the heatmap layer on and back off sometimes fixes it but its very buggy
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Re: Visual RF HEAT Maps

I have had this issue, if you restart the visual RF it fixes it (and dont worry restarting the visual RF will not lose any floor plans).
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Re: Visual RF HEAT Maps

Thanks for the responses....restarted RF and all was fine...:rolleyes:
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Placing AP's on the Visual RF drawings

I added a few new ap's to AMP yesterday and I'm still waiting for them to show in Visual RF to place them on my drawing. In previous versions, we didn't wait more than a few hours. We upgraded to 7.2.3 a few weeks ago. Anyone else with this problem?

Re: Visual RF HEAT Maps

If you restart VisualRF (by clicking the Save button on the VisualRF Setup page), I think the APs will show up in VisualRF's list of APs to provision.


Re: Visual RF HEAT Maps

I'd actually suggest not restarting VisualRF unless it's an urgent matter. Best path would be to open a support case so that we can see how your VisualRF got into that state.

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