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Visual RF Triangulation

I have a mixed enviroment of Cisco 1200 series AP's in automonous mode, and Aruba AP-105 running with a Aruba 3200 controller. Airwave 7.0.5 is monitoring all of these devices.

I am not getting focus's (triangulation) with the mixed AP's.

  • If I have 2 AP105's in the area, the client/rogue sees both,and I get triangulation.

  • If I have a Cisco + AP105 in the area, the client/rogue appears to get signal to one or the other; but not both.

  • I do not see the client/rogues seeing 2 Cisco AP's in the area.

  • The AP105 and Cisco AP's do see each other.

As 2 cisco AP's don't triangulate on the client, I suspect the issue is with the Airwave or Cisco config.

Is there something that needs to be changed at the 3200, airwave, or Cisco AP's to improve/fix this?
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